What’s the Deal with Cheating ?

Anthony Dufresne Dating and Relationships, Podcasts

So, what’s the deal with CHEATING ?

What is considered “cheating”?

Why cheat in the first place?

How many ways CAN we cheat?

Could cheating EVER be a good thing?

How can we spot a cheater?

What do we do if we find our self cheating?

Well…if you have ever had any of these questions swimming through your mind…you’ve come to the right place!

On this episode of The Walk Of Shame Radio Podcast we tackle the infamous act of cheating, stepping out, or indulging in a side piece with a juicy booty or some gnarly biceps.

All in all, while doing so you are humoring the act of being a shady mo-fo…excuse my language, Mom.

This is reality and not everyone is going to hit an over-the-fence Grand Slam while choosing a significant other.

Notice I said “choosing” because we, as humans, have the CHOICE when it comes to who we date and who we trust with our heart and soul.

If you are an avid Walk of Shame Radio Podcast listener you know that Tony and I always like to “Bottom Line” our show.

Today it was TRUST…

If you trust yourself enough to feel confident not only in yourself but in your relationship, you will be fine.

When the penny-filled glove of apprehension slaps you in the face, it is time to step back and reevaluate the bond you thought was true.

In this episode, we are here to help you see the red flags and appropriately address the cheating situation.

This topic gets sticky in more ways than one.

If you can be honest with yourself and expect infatuation to change, you will be able to grow with integrity whether it’s alone or with your potential significant other while building an HONEST life together.

Karma may seem mystical but if we all operate on a higher level of frequency than we are expected to we will feel the magic of living in integrity.

The less confrontation, the more beautiful life can be.

Tony leaves us with a lesson on accountability.

Enjoy the show and holler at us with any questions, tribe…Peace OUT!!