What’s the Deal With the Lack of Basic Manners Nowadays? (Video)

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This week, Lexi and I talk about what we have witnessed over the last few years regarding manners and being nice to one another.

The question arises…

“What’s the Deal with the lack of basic manners nowadays?”

As an older GenX’er, I didn’t want to sound like a typical older person talking down to the younger generation. That has been happening since time (Socrates even wrote about it).

So, I asked Lexi, a genuine Millennial, if she believes there is a sort of “manners crisis” happening. And her answer was a resounding, “YES!”

This week on the show we chat about our own thoughts on…

– What are the major causes of the lack of basic manners nowadays?

– Who’s to blame?

The Millennials?

Reality TV?

Social Media?


– What do we feel are basic manners everyone should share?

– How to remind yourself daily to practice good manners wherever you go

Both Lexi and I share personal stories about how good manners make such a huge difference in the world.


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