What is an Expert?

Anthony Dufresne Millennial Issues

What makes someone an “expert”?

Quick answer: If you believe they are.

Even somewhat clear cut qualifications like an advanced degree or being highly-skilled, having a core competency in something only makes someone an “expert” to the people that believe they are an expert.

Some people believe Dr. Phil is an expert because, apparently he’s a doctor and he was apparently expert enough to land his own show and apparently a lot of people watch and apparently THEY think he’s an expert, so…who am I to argue?

Personally, I’m not in that camp…let’s leave it at that 🙂

And, let’s be honest, even the most brilliant, most skilled, most schooled people on earth still do not know everything that can be known about their craft.

As people, we need to BELIEVE that we have experts in our midst to help us figure stuff out…it’s a personal survival and social need tactic with the purpose of continuation of the species.

All that being said, we are not living in caves anymore and we can be more discerning in our decisions as to who to listen to and what we choose to adopt as fundamental, foundational concepts for ourselves.

That’s why it’s so amazingly, incredibly, insanely important to have a solid core of people in your inner circle that you trust, that trust you, and you’re all open to new ideas but grounded in a “common sense” idealism that keeps you grounded in your True Self and “on purpose” in regards to your life path, which includes being the best person you can be and spreading that energy to the rest of us.

Those are your in-house “experts”…their grounding will go a long way in helping you to decipher who out there has the “goods” to be an expert in your eyes.

Oh, and don’t get caught up in the “they agree with me and they’re on TV or they have a Ph.D. so now, they are an expert to me.”

Remember, YOU are the expert of your life…and one of your biggest responsibilities to yourself is choosing what to believe and what not to believe…



So, choose wisely, my friend!