What Does Tying Your Shoes Have To Do With Awareness, Protest and Change?

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A catalyst (Coronavirus coupled with the George Floyd death) leads to Action in Protest…which leads to higher levels of Awareness of the unjust system…which leads to Change.

This week’s Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast episode is about AWARENESS…

  • My Juneteenth “awareness” check
  • How tying your shoes is a perfect example of systemic racism
  • Why Awareness is such a powerful tool for Change – How the research scientist, Peter Turchin, predicted the 2020 protests
  • How the power of PROTEST is all about Awareness
  • The Value in Action that will come from the heightened level of awareness
  • Why their needs to be an Adult in the Room, especially right now
  • Three tools you can use to continue to expand your awareness

The most important historical lesson in this is…

Keep expanding yourself in order to help others to expand to the point where the system is exposed to them and then Do Not Stop until there is measurable and sustainable Change.

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