What a Curious Little Scientist Taught Me About NOT Following My Passion

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This week’s Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast episode is all about…

Curiosity and Passion

It’s about how my 5 year old granddaughter, the family scientist, taught me the difference between curiosity and passion, and why I should follow my curiosity if I want to continue to be successful.

Topics in the show include:

  • The big problem with following your passion
  • What happens when the passion goes away?
  • Should striving for your goals always be fun?
  • The importance of being uncomfortable
  • How passion and expectations can send you false signals
  • The HUGE advantage to shifting your mindset to CURIOSITY

The call to action for this show is about taking a little self-inventory and maybe trying a free tool that could dramatically change your attitude towards achieving your goals.

Questions? tony@javabud.com

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Make it happen…

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