Welcome to the Java Bud Video Page

This is where the magic happens, my Millennial buddy…all played out in vibrant 1080p video magic!

Let me set the scene…

…You are meeting your bud at your favorite coffee shop for a little talk about life.

And, in this scenario, I will play your buddy, meeting you in the coffee shop of your imaginaaaation…

The videos are clearly a fool’s attempt to dazzle you with my witty banter and “keen” observations on figuring out how to live the life you want…just make it happen, man.

How you ask?

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s about awareness and fulfillment and creativity and non-conformity (no sheeples allowed) and productivity and defining success on your terms and richness and self-empowerment and joy and health and physical fitness and balance and well-being…yada yada yada…

Watch an episode every couple of weeks (I’d make more but finding those clips takes a hella-long time)…hopefully you’ll LOL a couple of times and come away thinking…”yeah, that was worth a couple minutes of my life”.

Subscribe NOW! You won’t regret it…well, maybe, but it won’t be a huge regret…

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