Video: How to Give the Perfect Gift

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The perfect gift has way more to do with how much you know about the person you are giving the gift to rather than how big, expensive or meaningful it is to you.

This week, my Voice of Millennial, Mariah and I chat about How to Give the Perfect Gift. We talk about:

– Where the best gift ideas come from
– The one thing the perfect gift “must” be
– How important timing is to giving the perfect gift
– How emotional you want to go with a gift
– How to best present the gift
– and a lot more!

Both Mariah and I share stories about:

– The best gift we ever gave someone
– The best gift we ever gave that completely bombed
– The absolute worst gift we ever gave

Knowing the art of gift giving will not only impress the person you are giving it to, but can also be one of the most important skills in creating deep, meaningful relationships.

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