Video: Embracing What is the “Different” in You

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Embracing what is the “different” in you is about the full and complete acceptance of who you are and the unique differences you offer to the world.

It’s about not comparing, not competing and not feeling crappy about yourself because you don’t “conform” to what you think you “should” look like or act like or feel like or think like or “BE” like.

This week I was really excited to have my very good friend and Expert Voice of Millennial, Mariah, on the show. Not only is Mariah intelligent, witty and insightful, she also has an amazing ability to accept her “different”…more so that anyone else I know.

Inspired by a CNN article about the model Ashley Graham and how she deals with constant body-shaming, Mariah shares a number of personal stories about her and her friends and how she stays accepting of herself and focused on the important things in life instead of being sucked into the body-shaming spiral of self-loathing.

Mariah and I dig into the importance of accepting and wearing proudly your “different” along with sharing tools and techniques on how to ground yourself before you start spinning out of control.

Mariah caps off the show with a brilliant, step by step approach to setting your mind up for the day, including things to focus on in order to stay focused on what is really important in your life.


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