Video: Beware These Relationship Killers

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This week, Lexi and I are not talking about obvious relationship killers like cheating or abuse of any kind…we are talking about the sneaky things that happen between two people that can kill a relationship.

Beware of these relationship killers…these are the behaviors that very quietly and slowly start to take over where all of a sudden, you just don’t want to share your life with the other person anymore.

We discuss in this show how something as innocent as a subtle remark can actually have a HUGE impact on the health of a relationship.

Lexi and I go into detail about 10 behaviors that can take over a relationship without you even knowing.

We also discuss the need for conflict in a relationship as a way to keep the sneaky behaviors from taking over your relationship.

As always, Lexi and I come at this topic from two different guy/girl perspectives, but with the same objective…to shed light on certain behaviors so you can be aware the moment they start to slowly kill your relationship.

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