Video: 3 Easy Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

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3 easy steps to a healthier lifestyle that you can use immediately to get yourself back on track.

There are no tricks, it doesn’t cost anything and it doesn’t involve fancy equipment, radical diet changes or a huge time commitment.

Fitness Expert Shane (from Foothills Acceleration and Sports Training) and I compare our experiences as personal trainers and share with you the biggest mistakes we see people making along with three very simple decisions you can make to instantly feel better, gain more confidence and get yourself in better shape.

Show topics include:
– Is there a magic formula for getting and staying in shape?
– The disappointing fact about the “summer body”
– Why one bad experience can set you on a path of lifestyle destruction
– How much does what you eat matter?
– Where to start?
– The small change in eating that can have a HUGE benefit
– A solution to the fast food effect
– Yes or No on cheat meals?
– The importance of failure in succeeding
– How to eat an elephant
– and more…

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