Tuesday Ramen with a Side of Breadcrumbing and the Philosophy of Desire

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This week’s Surrounded by Idiots episode is about my Ramen craving on Tuesdays, breadcrumbing your ex and how they both perfectly describe the Philosophy of Desire….AND…

…how both stories can help you to break free of dysfunctional desires and cravings that are weighing you down.

In the show I talk about:

  • Why we have such an intense desire for the things we DON’T have
  • What to do if you find yourself involved in breadcrumbing…giving or getting
  • What the Buddhist philosophy has to say about desire and how it can immediately get you in a better headspace
  • How you can turn suffering into enlightenment
  • The reason why people get back together with their ex’s even when they know the person isn’t right for them
  • Four solutions to free you from unwanted desires so you can clear your mind and get on with your business.


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