The Secret to Better Relationships is Hiding in Finland Schools

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This week’s podcast episode exposes the secret to better relationships by taking a look at how they are teaching their kids in Finland.

The show is my way of paying tribute to Sir Ken Robinson, Education Expert author and speaker, who sadly passed away this week.

You may be familiar with Dr. Robinson because he has the most watched Ted Talk of all Time (watch it here).

Dr. Robinson’s entire life was dedicated to revolutionizing ineffective and outdated systems of teaching in schools and one of his favorite comparisons of bad versus good systems was the United States system versus the system in Finland.

As I watched this comparison, I realized the school system in Finland is structured on four basic concepts that can also be applied to any relationship.

In other words, the teaching principles in Finland provide the perfect guide for any of your relationships, including:

  • Significant other relationships
  • Friends
  • Family members
  • Work
  • School
  • And ESPECIALLY your relationship with yourself

The four easy-to-follow steps provide a perfect guide will help you to:

  • Remember what’s important in the grand scheme of things
  • Keep things in their proper perspective
  • Enrich your life experience and the lives of everyone you have in your life

The final Call To Action is a plea from me to remind yourself everyday of these principles and take them with you through your fulfilling life experience.

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