The Hidden Gift In Isolation … How to Embrace the Space

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This week’s podcast episode is about making the most out of our forced isolation.

The unfortunate events that we are living through have had some devastating effects.

For those of us that will be fortunate enough not to become sick, this situation has opened up a huge chasm of space.

The stuff you usually use to fill your day is not the same anymore… …normal distractions are not available…maybe it’s even as bad as you losing your job and having no new job options because of the global shutdown.

In these times, it’s so easy to spin out of control because for a lot of us… …we HATE THE SPACE.

There is pain and hurt in the space that we try to drown out everyday by creating a full schedule of busy work or… …by numbing ourselves with going out, drinking, playing video games, getting into bad relationships just to have something to focus on other than our inner demons that live in that space.

So, this show is all about how to embrace the space…how to use this very unique opportunity for a deeper level of introspection, which opens the door up to answering your “I don’t know” questions…

…You know, those questions you can never seem to answer, like…

  • What do I want to do with my life?
  • Why do I get into crappy relationships all the time?
  • Why am I staying at this terrible job?
  • What in life do I value most of all and how can I create more of it?

Another interesting thing about our current situation is that the whole concept of FOMO has disappeared because…

…there’s nothing to miss out on (except maybe for being in a relationship vs. being single, but that situation has its moments as well, so be careful what you wish for).

Maybe when all this is over there will be a lot less FOMO and a lot more self-fulfillment and created personal value.

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