How to Take Your Life to the Next Level

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When you start to question where you are in your life or where your life is taking you, it’s time to sit down and figure out How to Take Your Life to the Next Level.

This week, Lexi and I dig deep into questions such as:

When is it time to get serious about life?

What are the signs you are ready for a serious relationship?

When do you know you are ready to be more open to a serious relationship?

Should you prioritize your relationship?

How important should your relationship be?

Are you not in a serious relationship because it’s just not the right time or is it because you are holding back to protect yourself from getting hurt?

How to be vulnerable without being vulnerable

The problem with thinking someone is the “one” or it’s the “perfect” job

The one thing that will signal to you that you need to question where you are at

How important is timing when it comes to relationships?

The importance of a good tribe

Signs that someone should be a part of your tribe

The power of surrender


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