Walk of Shame

Time to Get Out of That Rut

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You know those times when it seems life has grinded to a halt and you find yourself stuck in an unfulfilling relationship or in a “I’ll never find someone” mentality or in a job that just doesn’t do it for you…well, it’s time to get out of that rut. This week’s show, Lexi joins Tony and they talk about what it’s like being stuck in a rut…sharing their own personal experiences…as well as the pretty easy way to get yourself moving again. The frustration of being stuck at a place that you know you shouldn’t be at is sometimes so …

Tales From A Professional Matchmaker

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This week, Tony is joined by Mariah once again, along with a very special guest that was kind enough to share her Tales From a Professional Matchmaker. Jody was previously a dating coach who worked for a large dating company.  Her job was to basically help those clients that either… …were frustrated that they haven’t found the “one” , or … …needed help with drafting their profile and shooting their video, or… …needed a quick tutorial on how NOT to be so socially awkward that it would send their date running for the door. Jody shares a number of stories, …

Walk of Shame Podcast

Shaping Up Your Body Image

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This show is about shaping up your body image , or learning to be cool with how your body looks right now. This is a HUGE issue with a lot of people, and an issue that both Tony and his guest host, Mariah have dealt with their entire lives. There’s no getting around the fact that most of us are pretty critical when it comes to how we look…and our opinion can even change from moment to moment based on our mood at any point in time. So, this week, Tony and Mariah share some personal stories and tips on …

The Relationship Sweet Spot Between Unrealistic Expectations and Just Settling

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It may seem like a VERY fine line, but there is a relationship sweet spot between unrealistic expectations and just settling. And, this week, Lexi and Tony set out to explain what that sweet spot is and how to find it and structure your relationship to stay in the sweet spot. This discussion came from a Huffington Post article that a friend sent to Tony…the article was written by a Millennial and talked about their generation being the generation that doesn’t want relationships…here’s the link if you would like to read it… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/we-are-the-generation-who-doesnt-want-reltionships_us_572131a5e4b03b93e7e435d8 In the article, the writer talks about …