Finding the Truth in a Sea of Lies

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This week’s podcast episode is about TRUTH What is Truth? Which opinion is the truth? How to I find the truth buried in so many lies? There are so many ways people can bend and manipulate the truth to confuse and control you. This can happen in society as a whole or in a family or with a significant other. That is why it is so important to know how to find the truth. And the best way to do that is by developing your CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. The steps are not hard and you can start using them right …

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A Water Tree, A Boat Saw and Achieving Enlightenment

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This week’s podcast episode is all about achieving personal enlightenment simply by drinking beer, riding on a boat and solving a problem. I share a story about a bunch of drunk guys trying to remove a submerged tree branch… …and how that perfectly explains the Theory of Flow and the proven, scientific way to achieve more enlightenment in your life. In the show I talk about: The groundbreaking work of both Duke University’s Adrian Bejan and Stanford University’s Carol Dweck on the importance of flow and the ultimate power of a growth mindset What really is enlightenment? How you can …