How to Take The Pain out of The Struggle with The Butterfly Story

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As I sat down to do my usual weekly research for a show topic, I came across a story about a man and a butterfly and realized we actually need the struggle but NOT the PAIN that comes with it. So, How do we accept the struggle and get rid of the pain that usually comes with it? Think of how much you can learn about yourself and others when you are not consumed by the stress and frustration and depression and anger and binge drinking that has come about as a “reaction” to the current upending of our universe. …

What Does Tying Your Shoes Have To Do With Awareness, Protest and Change?

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How tying your shoes is a perfect example of systemic racism
Why Awareness is such a powerful tool for Change – How the research scientist, Peter Turchin, predicted the 2020 protests How the power of PROTEST is all about Awareness
The Value in Action that will come from the heightened level of awareness
Why their needs to be an Adult in the Room, especially right now
Three tools you can use to continue to expand your awareness

A Birthday Surprise, Masking the Truth and Being a Team Player

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This Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast episode is mostly about how wearing a mask to save lives is somehow political and offensive to some people. I begin the show with an interesting realization that my birthday has always been on Juneteenth. Now, I had an idea what that day was but for 55 years really didn’t absorb it until the past few weeks of protests and Black Lives Matter successfully expanded my clarity on the issue…so…that’s pretty cool… Happy Juneteenth! Then I dive deep into the current controversy of wearing a mask in public to help in preventing the spread …

History Repeats : The Virus | The Economy |The Return of the Roaring 20’s

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This week’s podcast episode shows how history really does repeat itself. The show compares the impact of the current Coronavirus with the impact the Spanish Flu had on the world 100 years ago. Even though it was 100 years ago, the impact of both viruses are eerily similar to each other. And because they were so similar, it give us a good road map for… …the best courses of action to take during the virus …what will happen to our lives and the economy as the virus goes away …and, what will happen after. In addition, I talk about the …