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You Are Definitely A 10 on the Attraction Scale … Here’s How I Know

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I can say, without any doubt…You’re Definitely a 10 on the Attraction Scale It all comes down to having a little perspective and seeing the big picture. I have to ask… What was your gut reaction to the title of this podcast? Everyone has an attraction scale number or range…what is yours and why is it where it is? People’s tendency to rate themselves is usually based on a general scale…mostly focusing on the people more attractive than themselves. That’s not good because it automatically makes you feel “less than”. and it varies based on how you feel about yourself …

How to Create Your Most Authentic Online Image

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Creating your most authentic online image … …is all about understanding a few very simple things and this week Tony welcomes Patrick Kenger, a professional Millennial image consultant, to share a few tips to help you to relax and enjoy creating your own unique image instead of caring about what anyone else thinks. Patrick Kenger is the founder of PIVOT, a men’s image consultancy. His services have helped best selling authors, entrepreneurs, and single men from around the country improve their appearance and connect better with their audiences. To learn more, visit or follow him on Twitter ( . First Steps …

Video: How to Take Your Life to the Next Level … Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast

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When you start to question where you are in your life or where your life is taking you, it’s time to sit down and figure out How to Take Your Life to the Next Level. This week, Lexi and I dig deep into questions such as: When is it time to get serious about life? What are the signs you are ready for a serious relationship? When do you know you are ready to be more open to a serious relationship? Should you prioritize your relationship? How important should your relationship be? Are you not in a serious relationship because …