Frankenstein Explains the Social Dilemma

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In this week’s podcast episode our favorite man-made monster, Frankenstein, explains the movie, “The Social Dilemma”. Social media was initially created for good. It was a better and easier way to connect and also a great way to share information and knowledge but, unfortunately, just like Frankenstein’s monster, what was created for good can sometimes be bad. Which brings me back to the “Social Dilemma” because It does an amazing job at exposing the underlying problems of our current social media platforms. The show also goes into great detail about the psychological, physical and philosophical manipulation that is happening to …

What Does Tying Your Shoes Have To Do With Awareness, Protest and Change?

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How tying your shoes is a perfect example of systemic racism
Why Awareness is such a powerful tool for Change – How the research scientist, Peter Turchin, predicted the 2020 protests How the power of PROTEST is all about Awareness
The Value in Action that will come from the heightened level of awareness
Why their needs to be an Adult in the Room, especially right now
Three tools you can use to continue to expand your awareness

Story About A Naked King, A Smart Kid And The Price of Vanity

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This week I wanted to share a fairy tale about a naked king, a smart kid and the price of vanity. The story is The Emperor’s New Clothes, by Hans Christian Andersen. If you’re not familiar, it’s about a very vain ruler who gets swindled into thinking a new outfit will show who in his kingdom is unfit for office or unusually stupid. The story is about how simple it is for someone to play your ego, your vanity to their advantage while at the same time making you look like a fool. Some topics I talk about include: Are …

The Reason You Buy Stuff You Weren’t Planning on Buying

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Marketing Secrets Exposed You’re waiting in line, ready to checkout, and you find yourself surrounded by candy bars, mindless magazines and knick-knacks…what do you do? Well, based on marketing data, you will more than likely grab one of those cheap items and throw it in your basket. This week is all about the mind games marketers and retailers play on you to get you to buy stuff you weren’t planning on buying. Topics include: Why social media marketers give away free pdf’s, cheatsheets and ebooks The real reason McDonald’s is putting ordering kiosks in their restaurants How yogurt stores trick …

Video: How an Ice Rink Can Change Your Life

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This week, my expert “Voice of Millennial” Mariah and I chat about her recent visit to New York’s Rockefeller Center ice rink and how she surprised herself by learning a valuable life lesson just by being on the ice skating rink. How can an ice rink change your life? Mariah noticed that the ice rink acted like a giant equalizer where people from all shapes and sizes and economic levels and coolnesses or nerdnesses gather in one place to strap on a pair of think blades and venture out onto a slippery surface of the unknown. Interestingly enough, a person’s …

The One Thing That Will Keep You Single Forever

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What is the one thing that will keep you single forever ? Hint: It has something to do with yourself …. actually, it has EVERYTHING to do with you and how well you know yourself. This week, Lexi and I dig deep into the real, bottom line, at-the-core cause of not being able to create a solid, stable and long-lasting, FULFILLING relationship. Stuff we talk about in the show: Why a deep “knowing” of who you are is absolutely necessary for a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship The signs to look for in a relationship that will immediately signal you don’t know …