Story About Staying in Your Lane When a Dude Punches Your Car

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This week’s Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast episode is a true story about a dude punching my car and how to stay on track and roll with the punches.

True Story

We were just living our lives, driving to return some cocktail glasses, when literally out of nowhere this guy appears then punches my car as I drove by.

The full story is really weird but does prove some really great points:

  • How to stay focused…stay in your lane when someone tries to knock you out or bring you down because of their own issues
  • The powerful technique of SURRENDER and how it can help you rise above any “attack” that may come your way
  • Using EMPATHY and PERSPECTIVE when you need them the most to re-focus and stay on your path
  • The Buddhist thought on MATERIALISM and how it can free you from getting caught up in other people’s nonsense

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