Story About Gumby, a Weird Train and Living 29,200 Separate Lives

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This week’s podcast episode is about a random memory I have about Gumby and a trackless train…

…and how the train perfectly reflects how to live each day to the fullest.

The show is based on a very popular quote by the Stoic philosopher, Seneca, about counting each day we live as a separate life…

…and how that mindset can help us to refocus our attention every single day to make every day special and very productive.

And as I read the quote, I thought back to a random memory I had of a train I saw on the Gumby show when I was really young.

The train had only one piece of track underneath it, and when it needed another piece of track to go, then it would magically appear…

…there was no set track for the train…the track showed up in the direction the train wanted to go…and…

…when the train had used the track and was done with it…it disappeared.

The only piece of track that was real is the piece underneath the train…THE NOW.

The analogy of this train creating it’s own track one piece at a time and in the direction it chooses is the perfect mindset blueprint for living each one of your 29,200 days on earth as a brand new piece of track…

…with tons of possibilities, and…

…with a focus on the now and what small step you can take…today…to expand yourself.

At the conclusion of the show, I give three suggestions on how to maximize everyday of your life so that the next piece of track that appears is in the direction you want it to be.


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