Story About A Kind Stranger, A Life Saving Coffee and How That Matters To You

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This week’s Surrounded by Idiots podcast episode is all about how much you matter to every person and every thing in the world.

It’s about becoming aware that every little thing you do…or don’t do…has an impact in one way or another…you matter!

To illustrate this, I share two stories about kind strangers that just wanted to pay it forward and share some of their kindness with someone else.

In both instances, a life was saved.

Things I talk about include:

  • How the Circle of Love on Cougar Town perfectly shows how it’s done.
  • How important awareness is when it comes to interacting with the world on a minute by minute basis.
  • One small thing you can do to make the world a better place …thank you!

questions or comments:

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Make it happen!

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  1. I had something happen to me last week. I was at Sprouts and in line waiting to check out. A man with his young daughter was behind me and had 2-3 items compared to my basket full of groceries. So I turn to him and say, “Go ahead of me since you only have a few items.” He looked at me with surprise and said, “Really? How thoughtful of you.” As he was checking out, he handed $50.00 to the cashier and told her to put it towards my bill. Stunned I told him noway that I would let him do that.
    He insisted and told me that due to my act of kindness, he wanted to do something nice for me. I was so choked up. I couldn’t believe it.
    Just wanted to share my story.

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