Stop ” Wasting-Your-Time-2016 “

Anthony Dufresne Dating and Relationships, Podcasts

#wastehistime2016 or even the 2015 version is really just ” Wasting Your Time” !

Social media, like anything else, can be used for both good and evil…it all comes down to you.

When the #wastehistime2015 thing first became viral, it seemed like a funny, jokey type of thing…however…

since the social media platform is available to most people and there are a lot of fuckin’ morons out there…

this movement has appeared to shift to an actual “cookbook” to mess with guys in a pretty shitty way.

This episode, Tony brings tries to get to the bottom of this movement and is looking forward to Lexi’s Millennial chick take on the matter.

The question Tony has is…”Why do you continue to “waste your own time” with someone that you don’t want to be with…just to screw with them??

It seems pretty self-explanatory that if your time is valuable and you have any sense of self worth, why would you put your time and energy into putting out that bad juju to someone.

And, there is apparently a blanket of cluelessness when it comes to putting crap out there like that without writing it in a fun way where even the biggest idiots can figure out that this is a fun thing and not a tutorial to screw with guys.

Lex makes a good point about setting the bar with this type of movement where guys see this type of thing and are influenced by the trend, thinking there are more girls out there that get into something or start dating someone just to mess with their minds.

So, the show goes into the good and the bad of this movement, the reasons why it is a “thing”, and Lex and Tony then try to shift the conversation to seeing social media as a positive and how it can do more good than harm.

And with that, the concept of “stalking” as a good thing is discussed with Tony admitting he has been confronted with stalking directly and that he has used the technique to find out more about a girls he was starting to date…and not mentioning that to her, but dropping some hints that they share the same interests.

Tony, being “slightly” older, talks about the dating scene “before” social media…how was it different…good or bad.

The show concludes with Tony pleading with everyone to embrace their inner weirdo, be ready to be rejected by a lot of your inner circle people once you finally decide to truly express yourself, and use the power of social media to “find your tribe”…find those other weirdos in the world that have the same “weird” as you do….