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Why Are Small Relationships So Important ?

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There are a LOT of different types of relationships…today we talk about your small relationships and why they are so important.

This weeks Walk of Shame Radio Podcast is all about the importance of the “small” relationships that you will inevitably share everyday.

Your small relationships are those interactions with people you see at work or school everyday…

or the barista you buy your overpriced coffee from…

or the UPS driver, mailman, food server, random flasher, guy you sit next to on the airplane…yada, yada, yada…

Even the people you just happen to pass on the street or see in the car next to you.

Believe it or not, these small, seemingly meaningless interactions are actually VERY important and can set your life off on a path of good or a path of crap.

After we challenge you to give something up or try something new to really test your self control, we dive right into a conversation about the little relationships that you can learn to master and by doing so, you will create more peace within yourself.

No, these are not your CORE relationships.

And the mystery behind why we want to master these interactions is not so obvious.

These people will most likely do nothing for you in your life but that is why building these relationships genuinely without expecting anything in return, can believe it or not be VERY rewarding.

Tune in for more hilarious banter and of course, OUR PERSONAL take on how to create the most positive space around you.

Although the feeling of interacting with a stranger might be uncomfortable, the comfort you acquire knowing you gave these new exchanges all you had will be a beautiful reoccurring feeling you will learn to love.

Walking around with your head down can cause you to miss some very important signals in life.

Like Tupac said beautifully you gotta keep your head up and give yourself a chance to meet someone that can potentially change your life.

Work hard in silence and let the good deeds along the path to your dreams, give cosmic energy to the time in will take to get there.

Success doesnt come easy, but with our tips on awareness you will get there exactly when you are meant to arrive.

Can I get an AMEN??

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