The Right Way to Use Humor in Relationships or on a Date

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The right way to use humor in a relationship has more to do with knowing what tickles the funny bone of your significant other more than you showing off your brilliant De Niro impression.

As you should know by now…humor is loaded word…

…what is funny to one person may not be funny to another…

And, in relationships, or in dating-to-potentially-be-a-relationship, it is always like playing with house money when your two senses of humor match up…because, let’s face it…

…If you like the dry, smart-assy, witty, intelligent stuff and your SO is belly laughing while watching America’s Funniest Home Videos…it would be safe to say there’s a wide chasm between your sense of humors.

So, in the show, Tony and Mariah decide to tackle this potential problem and throw out a couple of suggestions on how to best make the relationship work if you may have very different views on what “funny” is…or how you celebrate funny…some pass out laugh/crying, while others snicker.

Tony also talks about why humor is such an important thing to have, to share, in a relationship…more so for the fact that it is one of the best ways to support your significant other if they are spinning out of control…if you can infuse a little humor into the mix and maybe get them to see that there are alternative ways to look at the situation at hand.

Tony then lists off a few “Rules” that should be followed by people in a dating situation or in a relationship…rules that keep both people from saying something they think is hilarious, that turns out to be “not” funny or even hurtful to the other person.

And then Tony and Mariah discuss the merits of humor and the fact that having a heightened sense of humor reflects a higher level of intelligence…so says the scientists.

Then, Tony talks about how important humor is on a date and what you are really “saying” to a girl when you can make a fun or witty remark on an observation you’ve had about her…this will make a HUGE impression with her…guaranteed!

Peace out…

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