The Reality of Fantasy Relationships

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The reality is, fantasy relationships rarely work out as planned…but why?

This week, Lexi and I form the show around a very interesting email from a listener that poses many questions, such as:

– Can a man that is suspected of cheating actually have a monogamous relationship?

– Can a polyamorous relationship work?

– What type of relationship fantasy can actually become a reality?

– Is there such a thing as “the one”?

– Is there a way to have an “open” relationship without blowing it up?

– When is the right time, if any, to start talking about an open relationship?

– How important is timing when it comes to relationship issues?

– Should marriage mean “forever”?

– What state of mind is needed in order to have a successful open relationship?

– Is it easier to have an open relationship as a boyfriend/girlfriend or as a married couple?

– What are the different types of polyamorous relationships?

– The importance of knowing your level of sexual energy at all times

– And much more…

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