More Cheating … Listeners Want Answers !

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Apparently this is a VERY interesting topic that resulted in a lot of feedback. So, here you go… More Cheating …Listeners Want Answers !

On this episode of The Walk of Shame Radio Podcast we tackle Part 2 of our “What’s the deal with cheating” show.

Now this was more YOUR choice than ours and we would like to thank you all for your questions and feedback on our podcast thus far.

We received a few questions last week about long term relationships and how to approach cheating when you have been so invested in creating a life together.

Yes, break ups can be hard, but as we like to say…

YOU are the most important person in your life!

Even if you are on the shady end of things like having any cheating thoughts or urges or even curiosities, you can control the final outcome with just a few simple steps.

More cheating answers include our thoughts on how to handle the heart wrenching thought that someone “may” be cheating on you…which leads to

a number of good tools you can use to figure out if it’s just you being overly-paranoid, or if your intuition is legit.

Then we let you in on a good way to approach or confront your SO, and

…how to tell if they are on the level by understanding some very subtle body language techniques.

With that we address how to tell if your significant other is stepping out.

A few key words used in this episode:

Evaluate, Communicate, and Trust. Whether it’s in yourself or the person you call your other half.

If you can resonate with those 3 words and take control of your actions and thoughts while understanding the part they play in your relationship,

You will be fine. ENJOY!