Millennial Sauce Blog: What is Balance?

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Have you ever tried to balance a book on your head while standing on one leg and clapping your hands?

As a Millennial and a new mom, that is what my life feels like when I feel out of balance.

I am a person who doesn’t do well without some form of structure. I need to know that I can get everything done and give others the time they need in the little time that I have.

If  life feels out of balance, it makes us extremely uncomfortable and causes us to lash out on others. So where is there a solution to this?

I am honestly still searching for it, but I can tell you that prioritizing what is most important and what needs to be done first is extremely beneficial. Most of the time, we get off balance because we don’t do things in moderation and we don’t prioritize.

We go out for a drink and end up staying out until 2 am when we have to be at work the next morning, or we tell ourselves we are just going to have one brownie before our workout and end up eating half a dozen. Doing things in moderation contributes to finding a comfortable balance in life.

I am a mom, a wife and a daughter with a full time job and there are days I feel like I’m drowning.

I feel like I can’t be a good teacher and a good mom because if I use up all of my energy during the day, I won’t have anything left when I get home to be that mom my daughter needs me to be. And then if I can’t be the mom my daughter needs me to be, I certainly can’t be the wife my husband needs me to be because I don’t have time to cook dinner, and pick up and pack lunches all before I have to wake up and go to work again.

Without some from of balance we get into this unhealthy cycle and start to give up on the things that matter most.

I have been really hard on myself and have let this really affect my relationships because I don’t like doing things if I can’t do them 100%. And I definitely won’t prioritize things if I feel out of whack. But we have to realize that we can’t do 100 things 100% all the time.

My priority is my family, so I need to make sure I work hard at work, but save enough energy to come home to my daughter and husband. Instead of taking on all of the tasks at hand, I ask for help. It is okay to ask for help! It allows us to balance our lives more realistically.

We need to remember that we are not perfect and we are not made to be perfect. All we can do is give it our all and divide our energy up into places we are needed most. We need to control ourselves and stay on track with our end goal. If we do these things, it is easier to find balance in our lives and be successful in our everyday endeavors.

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