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Long Distance Relationships – the Good and the Bad

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Long Distance Relationships CAN work, you just have to know “How”…

In the newest episode of The Walk Of Shame Radio Podcast we talk about Long Distance Relationships.

We had the pleasure of having Tony’s friend and former roommate Ashley as our guest and in the world of dating someone that unfortunately lives away, this girl is a Unicorn.

Think about it.

Girl meets boy, at Halloween…IN VEGAS! Boy lives in another country, somehow by the grace of God two grounded individuals fell for each other over overpriced costume parties and a Captain and Diet…and BOOM. We have a success story.

BUT…contrary to my theories that life is ALL rainbows and butterfly’s, there are in fact, long distance relationships that take a lot of work and mostly communication.

We try to cover the not so beautiful reality that comes along with being involved with someone inconveniently way too far away.

Tony and I also share our stories about subconsciously manifesting relationships that don’t exist in town and the psychology behind why that happens.

My “just the tip” in this episode is that…It lasts until it doesn’t people!…

…don’t try to force something that isn’t working and always be aware of all aspects of who your SO is when they are present in your life as well as when they are away.

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