Living Alone in a Life Built for Two : A Dog Mom’s Story

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This week’s episode of the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast is a story about finding yourself single again in a life now built around two…

…and how to begin the process of healing while at the same time trying to balance your new life and move forward.

The story is about a girl named Michelle and her recent break-up after a 3 year relationship.

It’s about realizing that during those years, two lives start meshing together creating this thing called a “relationship”…

…and in the process the couple begins to take on specific responsibilities based on their strengths and the things they don’t mind doing….

…like one person being ok dealing with the bills while the other doesn’t mind mowing the lawn or washing the dishes.

It’s this teamwork that helps to build a strong relationship bond.

But, like the case of Michelle, it can’t help when feeling change in a relationship that lead to a break up.

And, now there are two huge issues to deal with…mourning the death of the relationship while at the same time trying to untangle your life with this other person.

Because, your life now is a lot different than before the relationship…adopting a couple dogs, moving in together, combining finances, having mutual friends…

…all of those things now have to be divided up in some way, but how?

So, in the show I share with you my 3 steps to successfully mourn the death of the relationship and, at the same time, keep your head on straight during the “splitting everything up” stage.

Topics in the show include:

  • How to properly mourn – grieve – the relationship with some self-care techniques
  • The importance of leaning on friends and the unfortunate fallout you will encounter
  • Why you need to start asking for help
  • The perspective shift that will change your attitude from “why me?” to “what’s the next step?”

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