Kat the Lesbian Talks Dating and Bisexuality

Anthony Dufresne Dating and Relationships, Podcasts

Kat is a self-proclaimed, fully grown adult lesbian that has a number of very interesting views on dating and bisexuality.

Kat holds nothing back, exclaiming she’s a lesbian hating lesbian and a man hating lesbian…as well as having a fascinating take on bisexuality.

There are so many different labels you can classify as your dating style these days.

Kat and Lex have had many beautiful conversations, borderline debates about love and sexuality since the day they met so having her on the show to explain her side of the story (Literally) made so much sense.

Do lesbians resist bisexuality because of insecurity?

Lex and Tony explore her thoughts on labels and why identifying as a lesbian makes her feel more comfortable in this crazy dating world filled with excuses and insecurity.

Listen to her ideas on the natural progression of sexuality and what she went through on her journey to discovering her True Self (ala Javabud!).

It’s a beautiful feeling to find your truth but personally…Lex STILL wasn’t too thrilled speaking about why we as a society need to categorize and label.

Needless to say there will just have to be a part 2!