Just a Normal Everyday Transgender Pansexual Relationship

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One of the most interesting, compelling relationship stories I’ve ever come across! You know, just a normal everyday transgender pansexual relationship .

Here’s the skinny about this week’s show…

Lexi got held up between the 3rd and 4th dimensions of reality, so she couldn’t make it. So…

I called up a couple of friends with VERY unique lives and asked them to come in and share with us.

First up was Peyton Geery…an accomplished actor and musician that is a self-proclaimed pansexual (into guys and girls) with a current open, pansexual, long-distance relationship.

He shares his relationship story about his previous relationship with a girl (Ja)…they decided to open up their relationship after two years

which led to Peyton inviting his acting buddy, Skye, into their bedroom…

…only to find out that the fellow actor is actually a girl…or more specifically, a transgender boy (before surgery)…Imagine their surprise!!

That in and of itself would be an interesting story…but Peyton goes one further with the revelation that the new “boy” Skye was successful in talking Peyton’s girlfriend

into going transgender as well!

For those of you scoring at home…we have a pansexual Peyton and two transgender boys (or girls transitioning to boys, before any surgery).

Needless to say, this unique relationship scenario brought about some interesting challenges.

But interestingly enough, this situation still had a lot of the same characteristics as a typical boy-girl relationship…Tony decides to dive into the big differences and surprising similarities.

This discussion circles back to Peyton’s new open, long-distance relationship with a lovely pansexual girl…and then…

…the bottom drops out of the show with a SHOCKING revelation from Jocelyn…my other friend who came to talk about her cosplay obsession…which we sadly did not have time to get around to because of the extraordinary dating life of Peyton.

Lexi was pissed she missed this one, but don’t worry, she’ll have something to say about it in next week’s show. Until then…keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the skies!!