Isolation, Attachment and the Great Relationship Challenge in the Time of Coronavirus

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Relationships are being tested at a greater intensity than we have seen in our lifetimes, mostly due to how each person is dealing with the Coronavirus threat and expected reactions toward the threat.

Most relationships have never had to make “life or death” decisions like this which has led to major conflict.

Most fights follow a very predictable pattern: One partner is way more concerned about the threat of the virus than the other and they have to come to some sort of compromise…but…

Fear of the Unknown
Financial Stress
Job Stress

…has led to trust issues between partners based on different reactions to the threat and isolation.

So…does being in a relationship during this crisis mean that someone must practice the same social distancing and take the same safety precautions the way their partner wants?

Interestingly enough, both the problem and the solution are found in the same place…

…our personal Attachment Style

Based on years of research, Attachment Theory shows how your interactions as a child with inconsistent, unreliable, or insensitive attachment figures (usually mom and/or dad) interferes with the development of a secure, stable mental foundation; reduces resilience in coping with stressful life events; and predisposes a person to break down psychologically in times of crisis.

The worst part is…in a big crisis situation like we are living in now, if you have an Attachment Style that doesn’t mesh well with your partner’s style, it may be the end of the relationship.

However, looking at the bright side…if you have an Attachment Style that doesn’t mesh well with your partner’s style, it may be the end of the relationship.

In the show I talk about

  • The different Attachment Styles
  • Best Attachment Style combinations
  • Worst Attachment Style combinations
  • and
  • How to disregard most of the online suggestions for “coping as a couple” during this crisis and focus on the only research-backed solution for improving your attachment style and possibly saving your relationship

The magic formula is known as

Security Priming

I offer you two ways you can immediately begin using Security Priming in your life.

Bottom line: This is a new world (we’re not even at the new normal yet) and we need some new tools and a fresh perspective to keep each other focused and strong.

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Stay safe, wash your hands, be good to each other…Peace

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