Is It Just About the Sex?

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When it comes to your current dating relationship, Is It Just About the Sex ?

Lexi and Tony explain the ways to tell if the person you are with wants to build a relationship or is just with you for sex.

This can be such a difficult question because, regardless of how long you’ve been with someone, if you are looking to go deeper with someone, but it seems like he is keeping things just close enough to make you fee comfortable to have sex, then there may be an issue…if you want more out of a relationship than just sex.

Now, Lexi and Tony understand that sex is a VERY important part of a solid relationship, but the issue here is when you get into a relationship and, maybe, you pulled the trigger on the sex thing a little earlier than you wanted…OR, you felt like the time was right to do the deed, but since you’ve done it, the other person is now defining your relationship primarily by your physical relationship.

And, since this is something that happens A LOT, Lexi and Tony want to share their perspectives of this type of dating scenario from a girl and a guy’s perspective.

Lexi starts off by throwing out the scenario where the relationship has started and the sex has happened and now the girl feels as though she might be turning into a booty call when her intentions were to just take the next natural step in the beginnings of a relationship. But, something isn’t right…it just doesn’t feel right…he doesn’t seem like he wants to go any further than to just have a new f*ckbuddy.

Tony then chimes in with some very easy to see behavior patterns that show you may now be more of a booty call than a prospective long-term relationship partner.

Lexi brings up a personal experience about emotional investment into a person with the person not seeming to give any emotional worth back into the relationship, which is when she first started to wonder if he was just hanging around for sex.

Now, truth be told, both Lexi and Tony have no problem whatsoever with booty calls or f*ckbuddies, as long as both people know that is what the relationship is all about.

The problem comes from one person having different relationship expectations than the other…again, another problem that arises from a lack of communication and understanding.

And, to round it all it, it’s all about YOU…it’s about being aware of YOU and your needs versus your wants…basically, are you putting yourself in a situation that you really don’t want to be in because you want people to like you or that you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings?…both terrible reasons to not be true to YOURSELF

…Stay Thirsty, My Friends…

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