Instead of a Stupid Resolution…

Anthony Dufresne Dating and Relationships, Podcasts

New Years Resolutions are lame…

Don’t get us wrong, we are totally on board with taking a little self inventory and want to make a positive change or changes in your life.

However, the concept of the New Years resolution tends to take on a meaning of making a big shift in your life…most of the time a resolution is based on a very general thought about a behavior modification that has no substance…there’s no thought about the many steps that will be involved to get you to “go to the gym more” or “eat better” or “lose 30 pounds” or “get a new job”.

These general resolutions are great on paper, but if you don’t take a statement like “get in better shape”, and take a closer look at it…

I guarantee your resolution intention will have no road map to follow (because it’s so damn general) and it will not happen.

Then, you’ll be one or two months into the year with an expensive new gym membership or new set of shake weights that are not being used and, as a double-dose of making you feel like crap, continually remind you of your resolution failure.

So, that leads us to the show.

Lexi and Tony share their feelings about stupid a resolution, or the concept of a resolution. And, instead of a resolution, there are

3 things you can actually start that will put your life into motion in the direction you want to go.

The best part about these 3 things is that they are super easy to add to your life (to the point where you won’t think they are helping, but they are).

These 3 things are not over-general resolutions, but small, effective steps to create a slight shift in the way you “think”…

they are small shifts in your thought process and/or behavior that will start to teach you “HOW” to make changes in your life…

…because at this point, the knowledge needed is “how” to make changes not “what” changes to make.

Learning your unique way that you are open to change will allow you to perfect the art of changing so you can build up to bigger and bigger changes in your life.

It’s all about being prepared to make big changes and that won’t happen until you’ve learned “how” to make small, necessary changes in your life.