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The Very Important Difference Between Love and love

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Yes, there is a very important difference between Love and love…

This week we decided to talk about the thought of Loving yourself before you can love another.

The show stems from a great article by Sheena Sharma, a journalist with Elite Daily, where she states that she doesn’t have to love herself before she can get into a relationship and love another.

First off, we think the article is fantastic from the perspective of Sheena being so open, honest and vulnerable, that it reflects her ability to be open to learning and growing…and the fact that she indicated that she has been battling a body image her whole life and that she’s attracted to emotional unavailable guys is a testament to her authenticity…resulting in a HUGE benefit to her readers, because, as we all know, the road to self discovery and expansion and growth is through an honest assessment of how well your True Self matches up with your thoughts and behaviors.

So, with her indicating in the article that she doesn’t love herself and never will, she declares that no one else does either…this came across as a very interesting statement to Lexi and Tony…

…because she’s way too intelligent and intuitive to not know that a statement like that will definitely raise some eyebrows.

Well, it definitely did on this show…but all that being said, Lexi and Tony see the issue not in her not being able to “love herself”, but in the fact that she is confusing the concept of Love (capital L) and love (lower case l).

Yes, there are two types of love, and since most people think there is only one, you can see where things can get really messed up.

Tony and Lexi take a good portion of the show to talk about the HUGE difference between Love and love and the the fact that knowing and understanding the difference will make your life a whole lot easier and insanely more fulfilling.

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You can get a hold of Lexi at Alexismarie14@gmail.com

And lastly, here’s the link to Sheena’s article…definitely worth the read!

Love…Lexi and Tony

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