How to Take The Pain out of The Struggle with The Butterfly Story

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As I sat down to do my usual weekly research for a show topic, I came across a story about a man and a butterfly and realized we actually need the struggle but NOT the PAIN that comes with it.

So, How do we accept the struggle and get rid of the pain that usually comes with it?

Think of how much you can learn about yourself and others when you are not consumed by the stress and frustration and depression and anger and binge drinking that has come about as a “reaction” to the current upending of our universe.

The pandemic has taken away a piece of everything that we have used to identify ourselves – to feel connected with ourselves and others.

People are dealing with more than one big life issue at the same time

  • relationship challenges
  • family challenges
  • financial issues
  • work or school challenges
  • and, most importantly, health issues (both physical and mental)

With current research showing that struggling actually improves your brain function, the key is to find a way to separate the pain of the struggle from the benefits of the struggle.

So, with the help of current research and a story about a Man and a Butterfly, there is a way to take the pain out of the struggle and keep the good parts that:

  • Broadens perspective
  • Strengthens character (determination, grit, resolve)
  • Builds confidence
  • Creates clarity that helps you prioritize the components of your life
  • Creates more fulfillment

Finally, my Call to Action to you is to use the techniques I talk about to reframe and refocus your mind so you can get maximum benefit from your struggles.

Make it Happen!

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