How to Deal with an Annoying Ex

Anthony Dufresne Dating and Relationships, Podcasts

So, how you deal with an annoying Ex depends on what you want to come of the interaction.

Ya see, an Ex coming back into your life provides a great opportunity to take a little personal inventory to see if you:

– Have successfully gone through the grieving stages of the relationship and now you can relate to your Ex on a healthier level

– Or, still have feelings for them that you haven’t been able to get over during the time apart

– Or, you may just use the Ex, or more specifically the Ex’s attention, to create a little drama with you and your current relationship.

This episode, Lexi and Tony talk about these topics, because this happens a lot, and they want you to have the tools necessary to put the Ex in their proper place.

Lexi and Tony go over:

– How to properly handle the re-connection with the Ex

– The right way to go about letting your current relationship know of your Ex’s return

– The best way to draw the proper boundaries necessary so that the Ex doesn’t screw up your life again (I’m going to assume they are the bad guy…right?)

Because, let’s face it, you broke up for a reason…and for God’s sake, please don’t try to convince yourself or anyone else that “well, maybe they have changed”…Seriously, it’s been, what, a few months, and they have not seen a professional or had a life-shifting experience or gone through any heavy self help processing, and you think there’s been a change…c’mon man!!

However, there is a way to reframe the relationship with the Ex so that you can be friends…but, you both have to want to do it…and, if in a current relationship, that person has to be cool with it…that part takes a good amount of trust in the relationship…do you have that?

Lexi then goes on to share a story about her high school sweetheart and how she dealt with him coming back into her life and how her then boyfriend felt about it.

Tony then tells a tall tale (actually, real story…ripped from the headlines) of a friend of his (girl) that had her current boyfriend put on some elaborate show when his Ex decided to show up at their front door.

Bottom line…it’s all about boundaries and where you want, or need, to draw them…enjoy the show!