How To Be More Attractive

Anthony Dufresne Dating and Relationships, Podcasts

So, How can you become more attractive?

Hello! Lexi here speaking on attraction with Dr. Tony Dufresne a brilliant mind that preaches every day and in particularly on this episode “Own who you are!”

We start with the most important components that play a huge part in being the MOST attractive human you can be.

1. Authenticity- being able to wreak of exactly who you are. Yes, this may seem tough, no one is perfect and everyone is a little confused at some point in life but this is what we are here for! I say throw the Cosmo in the recycle bin and find your own identity.

2. Confidence- this comes down to body language, and rocking the shit out of your authentic self!

We also touch on creating the world you want to live in which you have heard before if you are a Walk of Shame Radio Podcast regular. (We appreciate you!)
This includes attraction! You are in control of creating a beautiful aura and visualizing the tribe you would like to attract.

Now keep in mind neurologically we are programmed at a very young age to be attracted to what we are comfortable with. But it is all about centering your thoughts and not letting that take control of your emotions. Again, YOU have the control!

A couple tips I’ll give before you start to indulge in the show;

-Make as many mental notes as possible! Be aware of those moments that your eyes light up at the sound of this potential partners laugh. (Ok I know that sounds cheesy, but I’m serious. Fill up your mental notebook!)
-Quality Vs Quantity- If 70 percent of the people in the bar are into your best friend and 30 are into you take it with a grain of salt because those are the 30 that are MADE FOR YOU!

And finally when you start to attract your tribe, you will be blown away by how rad it feels to be attracting the right people.