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Going Dutch In Vegas

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This week, we are Going Dutch In Vegas !

I’m not talking about splitting the bill, or even taking on an alias during your mind-numbing romp in Sin City…

…what I’m talking about is…what else, relationship stuff…you see,

last week we had a lot of good feedback regarding Ashley and Danny’s long distance relationship, with Ashley doing a great job at taking us through the ways to make a relationship work with someone that was all the way over in The Netherlands.

So, that’s where the Dutch thing comes in…Danny is Dutch and they both are a part of a 6,000 mile long distance relationship that ended up with the Dutch guy moving to Las Vegas to be with his chick, Ashley.

And, the feedback about last week’s show was mainly about wondering how Danny is able to communicate and understand Ashley so well.

And, so we wrangled both Danny and Ashley on the show this week in order to get the “guy’s” perspective on the long distance relationship thing.

And, as an “also” bonus, Danny and Ashley share some of their personal thoughts on what it’s like to live in Vegas as well as Danny shares some hilarious stories about what he’s seen at the pool parties, as a staff member at one of the most popular Vegas resorts.

Lexi was unfortunately caught up with family stuff this week, but will be back to share her twisted wisdom next week.

Viva Las Vegas !!

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