A Giveaway, A Shout Out to the UK, and Where to Find Some Good Stuff to Read

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$50 Amazon Gift Card Contest:  I want your best idea for a show topic and, if I pick your idea, I’m emailing you a $50 Amazon Gift Card…just in time to buy yourself something for Christmas!

This week’s show includes a $50 Amazon Card Giveaway, a shout out to the UK and tips on where to find good stuff to read on the internet.

I get some good feedback now and again about show ideas, and I’ve used a number of them.  But, I want to hear from those of you who might have a great idea but usually don’t engage in podcast trolling.

So, just go to my site, www.javabud.com (if you’re not already on there) and go to the contact page.

Fill out your porn name (middle name and street you grew up on), and your email, and a suggestion for a show.  Over the next week I’ll pick a winner and announce it on next week’s show.

Now, about the other parts of the show…

…This week, I’m flying solo, so I wanted to recognize and throw out my mad respect to you for listening and following the show.

I also had a specific shout out to three cities in England that have listened to the show hundreds of times, even though no one from that region has ever reached out to me.  So, UK listeners, I want to hear from you…let me know what’s up and what you find interesting about the show…and, thank you very much for listening!

The second half of the show, I share a number of terrific sites and/or news sources that I’ve found on the web and through Facebook, that offer solid news and data and perspective.  I think it’s important for us to recognize where we find solid news sources in a world where there is so much fake news and crap out there.

I also wanted to point out a couple of very popular sites that offer news, but tend to fall short with me in terms of quality of content.

My recommendations for good, solid news sources include:

Big Think and ProPublica and Ozy and PBS and NPR (there are others, but these are my go-to)

I hope all is well with you…I hope you enjoy the show…and remember to send me your great show suggestion for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card….Good Luck!


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  1. I think you should do a show on some of the differences between “junior” millennials (born mid late 90s) and “senior” millennials (born early to mid 80s). I was born in 82 and sometimes don’t relate to younger generational millennials whatsoever. I didn’t get a cell phone until I was 23 and some millennials had them in elementary school — same with the internet and social media. Things like that!

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