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Friend Triangles, Stories and Drama

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We are all over the map this week, talking about friend triangles, the power of a good story and, of course, drama…what’s a relationship and dating podcast without a little drama?

On this weeks episode of The Walk Of Shame Radio Podcast, Tony and Lexi change it up just a tad and instead of briefly preparing a show before we go live for you guys, we dove straight into some topics with the microphones on and…

…needless to say, produced a very entertaining show. Both Tony and Lexi wanted to bring up some feedback they received about last week’s show, with Tony pointing out one listener’s disappointment that they got a little away from personal experience stories…

…this led to Tony’s agreement about the power of stories and Lexi’s somewhat disagreement, thinking a lot of stories in last week’s show about the whole point of relationships, would have drawn it out way too long…

Then, Lexi was very open in sharing an actual story of a current event that involved a relationship triangle consisting of her, a friend and a new acquaintance…Lexi of course, finding herself in the middle of drama…but then coming up with a brilliant way to resolve the issue.

We got to speak about the difference between us and some other relationship podcast floating around the cyber world and Lexi even suggested a favorite podcast that she gets excited for every week.

So usually Tony and Lexi will throw around a few show ideas, mostly stemming from weekly experiences that inspire theories on life and love.

This is all while we take notes and try to agree on an angle and concept we can reach YOU our listeners with that will all make sense to your world as well as ours.

Press play and enjoy us as we touch on why the internet may be diluting your own sense of awareness, how online dating is STILL full of shit, and how making friends as an adult is not as easy as it used to be.

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