Frankenstein Explains the Social Dilemma

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In this week’s podcast episode our favorite man-made monster, Frankenstein, explains the movie, “The Social Dilemma”.

Social media was initially created for good.

It was a better and easier way to connect and also a great way to share information and knowledge but,

unfortunately, just like Frankenstein’s monster, what was created for good can sometimes be bad.

Which brings me back to the “Social Dilemma” because

It does an amazing job at exposing the underlying problems of our current social media platforms.

The show also goes into great detail about the psychological, physical and philosophical manipulation that is happening to you and me by just scrolling through our news feed.

The message is plain and simple: We all need to be aware of what’s happening.

Aware of how algorithms, newsfeeds and “Likes” are slowly eating away at the fabric of our society and how we can get things back on track.

In the show, I expose:

  • What is happening to us psychologically
  • What is happening to us physically
  • And, what is happening to us philosophically

The first step in change is AWARENESS.

The second step is Understanding.

The last step is taking ACTION.

I have included a number of reference links including a great post in the Stanford University Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

In addition,

I list a number of things we can do to shift the focus of social media away from the bad and more towards its original objective, which is

a positive source for connection and knowledge.

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