Flirting and Pick Up 101

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Flirting and Pick Up talent or ability is really within us all…it’s just a matter of knowing the basics.

This is such a popular topic…we both know there are literally thousands of people out there with their take on flirting techniques or how to pick up girls, or guys…

…So, Lexi and Tony decided to boil it down to real life experiences brought to the table by Lexi (mostly BAD examples), so they can both talk and comment about how bad

the situation was and, more importantly, how to do it the right way…from both a girl and a guy’s perspective.

Both Lexi and Tony have researched and been trained in relationship creation and communication…which are the basic components of flirting and pick up.

Because Lexi has had so many idiot guys in front of her lately, it compelled her to make a list of “What NOT to do” when flirting or picking up a girl.

Lexi’s list was great and Tony had fun commenting on the list while also having a slightly different perspective on some of the stuff she brought up because, well…he’s a dude.

In addition, Tony brings up certain psychological situations that are going on in our heads during our approach anxiety or during the initial introduction or when you want him to just leave you alone

…or when you are ready to seal the deal.

Bottom line is…there’s a LOT of bad information out there about flirting and pick up. The key to successful flirting and/or pick up is VERY easy and ANYONE can do it….

…BE AUTHENTIC and have the intention to relate to a HUMAN BEING instead of wanting to flirt or pick up just to HIT IT.

If you have any other experiences or tips that work for you…LET US KNOW!

Lastly, Tony talked about the fact that the show has had thousands of listens up to now and have been downloaded in 29 different countries. We are happy all of you around the globe are enjoying the show…We promise we’ll always give you everything we got every week!!