Fitness Expert Talks Expectations and Crushing the New Home Workout

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This week’s podcast episode I invited a fitness expert to talk about the Power of Expectations when trying to get a home workout routine going.

My old friend and podcast buddy, Lexi Rodriguez (owner of Fit Fusion by Lexi) shares her story of being a fitness expert in a time where there are no gyms or studios open.

She talks about the struggles she and her clients are facing during this period of isolation and social distancing.

Some of the issues she is seeing with her clients include:

  • Having to adjust to working out at home when they have never done it
  • Not being able to get motivated without feeling the energy in the studio or from the instructor
  • Feeling uncomfortable working out in a space that is not a studio or gym
  • Not being able to leave the house and have any “time just for me” that a workout provides
  • Keeping past expectations of workout intensity that just don’t work in the “new normal”, resulting in anger, frustration and disappointment

Lexi offers a number of tips on how she is managing with creating her online workout routines and how she is helping her clients find their home groove by adjusting expectations and feeling more comfortable in the new normal.

Lexi was also kind enough to share her personal story about how she and her boyfriend are dealing with the isolation and what they are doing to strengthen their relationship.

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