Fighting Couples Guide to Successful Arguing

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This week, Lexi and I share, what I like to call a Fighting Couples Guide to Successful Arguing.


The show is all about arguing or fighting or having a strong disagreement with a significant other or someone very close to you.  And, as you and I know, there are generally two ways a fight can go…

…it can lead to a productive discussion on what each person expects and wants from the other, or it can lead to mass destruction, sometimes to a point of no return for a relationship.

So Lex and I decided to share with you our guide to help you to argue effectively so the end result will be a successful resolution to the issue and a stronger relationship going forward…or the realization that the person you are with is NOT the person you should be with…either way…WIN-WIN


Some of the stuff we cover in this show include:

  • Why developing a pre-emptive plan on how to argue is an essential tool in successful fighting.

  • Why avoiding conflict is never a good idea

  • How important awareness of your own emotional vulnerability is when you are knee deep in an argument

  • Why the real reason you are arguing is not what you are arguing about

  • Where your focus has to be during an argument

  • The incredible power of empathy in a fighting situation

  • The reason perspective is such an important focus point

  • Key words to listen for in order to determine what your partner is really upset about

  • The power of honesty and how to use it

  • How to keep your discussion from going the wrong direction, fast

  • What NOT to say during an argument

And much more…


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