Doubting the Experts, Brown Cows and the Power in Changing Your Mind

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The unknown aspects of the Coronavirus are exposing a big societal flaw, one that we have unknowingly been manipulated into believing from the political forces around us…and it has to do with Belief and Trust…

Who to trust?

What to believe?


The distrust in the act or process of Changing our minds – or changing our position on an issue.

This virus is “novel” and research is uncovering new things about it everyday.

This has led to the researcher’s and scientist’s advice about how to deal with the virus to “change” based on the new information, like the situation with the masks.

The reason for the Changing of Minds is because of the way science works, which is called…

The Scientific Method

This method is all about changing your mind as new information is discovered.

Unfortunately, this has led to a big problem because…

In our society we’ve been conditioned to hold politicians accountable for the “consistency of their positions”…

Which is the opposite of how the scientific method works.

And the politicians are using the uncertainty in the changing minds of the scientists to manipulate people to believe what they are telling them because…

The politicians have a “consistency in their position” … even though it’s wrong.

In the show I use an example from the show Parks and Recreation that uses a Brown Cow and chocolate milk as an example of the power in changing your mind.

I also quote a bible verse (Parable of the Two Sons) that concludes the power to change one’s mind can get you into Heaven.

Lastly, my CTA (call to action) is very simple…

Seek always to Know right

not to BE right.

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