The Difference Between Confidence and Narcissism, and our Wacky Political System

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In this week’s show, Lexi once again joins Tony to talk about confidence and narcissism because Tony believes the Millennial generation has been given a bad rap about being narcissistic, where he thinks it’s more about a new level of confidence being expressed by Millennials and the fact that the past generations don’t get it.

And, along the lines of narcissism, Tony and Lexi talk about how messed up the political system has gotten and the fact that Trump’s insane level of narcissism is actually working for him. Highlights of the show include:

  • The actual definition of narcissism and the one characteristic that reveals if someone is a narcissist.

  • Why Trump’s raging narcissism is not influencing his popularity

  • Why both sides of the political system are so far apart and how they got that way

  • The biggest reason why people are voting for Trump…and it has nothing to do with him

  • How to check yourself to see if you are operating in the confidence zone or the narcissist zone

  • Why most people don’t have the ability to generate a level of confidence to expand their lives

  • Why your confidence level is so important to not only you, but everyone else in your life

  • The big lesson that crabs can teach us

  • Why your biggest supporters may be the one’s keeping you from expanding

  • How to ignore the label of being a narcissist and continue on your expansive journey

  • Why it’s so important to be open to learning from anyone that comes into your life

  • The amazing lessons that come from kids


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