Coronavirus : How to Navigate Your New Normal

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This week’s podcast is about the psychological and philosophical shifts that are happening because of the coronavirus.

Your world as you knew it will never be the same and I want to help you to see, understand and navigate the changes to add value to your life through all of the changes.

What’s happening is called a Nodal Event.

Similar to weddings or funerals or some other huge life event you have lived through, the coronavirus, or Covid19 , has created a major shift …

…and not just with you or your family but on a GLOBAL SCALE.

As a people, we haven’t see this for over a hundred years and that has led to a lot of denial about how big a deal it is.

Now that doesn’t mean people should freak out and screw up our systems in place by hoarding food or supplies or create fear ranting about the end of the world.

What it calls for is …

  • A heightened level of awareness
  • An acceptance of the new normal and…
  • Effective leadership ; level-headed thinking and planning with the understanding that…

…there’s no way around it, we are a global community and WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

In the show I go back in history to other major pandemic outbreaks and look at how the world and societies were changed as a result of the event referring to:

I also offer up a number of suggestions to prime your thoughts about how to navigate through the current unknowns of the pandemic and plan for your new normal once things become more manageable.

Lastly, because we are now home bound for an unknown period of time, I am offering you a free .pdf version of my book, Surrounded by Idiots.

Just email me at and I’ll send it directly to you. And, in exchange, all I ask is that you let me know what you thought about the book or ask me any questions you may have as you read through it.

It is more important now than ever to have a connected community of aware, pro-active, leadership-oriented people. I’m going to do my part by giving my book away and starting a conversation. I hope you will take me up on that.

Be aware, stay safe, be good to one another and I’ll talk to you soon.


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