Coronavirus Bummer and a Proven Way to Find Your Groove Again

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This week’s podcast episode is about one thing…

Mental Health

A new study from the U.S. Census indicates that around 33% of those surveyed reported symptoms of either anxiety or depression.

The Coronavirus / Covid-19 Pandemic has changed everyday life so much, that we haven’t had the ability to fully cope with the new normal.

This is resulting in feelings of depression and anxiety caused by the isolation and the uncertainty of what the next day will bring…or not bring.

As things open up we are starting to realize our world is not going to just go back to how it was…

..Our days are not going to slide back into the routines we have been honing into efficient systems over the years.

And, it’s the unknown AND the uncertainty of how long we will have to deal with the uncertainty that is creating so much depression and anxiety.

So, I thought a good idea would be to see how the mental health issues were handled during the time of the Spanish Flu back in 1918-1920.

Unfortunately, the data was pretty grim and because of the carnage of World War I, the mental health issues stemming from the Spanish Flu were not confronted. This resulted in significant mental health issues for years after the flu was gone.

So, with no help from the Spanish Flu playbook, I realized that Viktor Frankl’s coping skills developed in Nazi concentration camps would be highly useful.

Now, for the record, I am NOT comparing our current situation to an experience in a concentration camp.

But, because of the unbelievable hardship Frankl endured, he developed a very useful psychological therapy model known as Logotherapy.

And, thankfully, the coping skills Frankl developed to survive his ordeal can be very helpful to those of us currently dealing with pandemic depression and anxiety.

These brilliant skills / insights can instantly help to ground you as well as empower your will to stay positive, stay focused, create momentum and provide a morale boost that will shift your attitude and perspective.

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